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Easy to use. Very helpful app and website. Love it.


Very easy to navigate and use. Now you can use multiple registry’s all under one. Brilliant!


Love it. Makes a housewarming party so easy.

So Easy

Makes wedding registry a breeze. Can link to items you really like from just about any website!

Loving this app so far!

I love that I can browse anywhere and add items to my registry simply by scanning the barcode or sharing from my web browser directly to my list!

Love it

The only negative thing is some sites pictures don’t come up and you can’t add a photo otherwise love this app!!!!

Simple. Works well.

Does a good job keeping everything together. Also finds the cheapest link to add. We scanned a bar code in a store and it brought up multiple options showing the price was actually cheaper elsewhere.

Awesome App

I am using this app for the second time with my second baby. I only wish I would have known about it for my wedding!

Great to sync registries from different stores

I had planned on pulling my baby registries from different stores onto one site so I could just share one link, and thought I would use the hugely promoted/advertised Babylist — until I realized that after creating one synced list, Babylist wouldn’t continually update with items we added in-person or things that were bought directly off the store registry lists. (?!) I hugely appreciate that MyRegistry auto-updates and also allows us to re-sync our registries as items are added or bought (although I’ve had some trouble getting BuyBuyBaby to re-sync, but only sometimes). The interface is pretty clean and easy to navigate too. Thanks for making this a helpful tool!

Love it

I love being able to put everything I want on one big list! This is awesome- I can register at any store I want! It’s awesome!

Beyond awesome!

Only using for a day but not having Babies R Us to register at was becoming a problem. Now you can register for everything you need right from home and people have options where to go shopping. Only downfall is some things (like diaper sizes) do not register correctly without trying a few different ways Highly recommend

Can’t find the right images!

The “Add to MyRegistry” Safari extension has not been working right for months. It doesn’t bring up the right image & sometimes no image at all. Since it seems like this is not going to be fixed, it would be nice if we had the ability to change the item’s image in the app, so we can manually add the correct image ourselves from our own photo library. Also it would be cool if we could delete items by swiping left instead of having to open each item to delete it.


It made wedding planning much easier

The scanner doesn’t work in stores.

I loved this app for keeping all the things I want from different stores in one place. Then I went into stores & tried to scan barcodes...after trying 3 different stores & the scanner not working I gave up. I’ll use for my online registering but very disappointed it won’t work in-store.

Easy and convenient

This app has made adding to and managing our wedding registry very streamlined and efficient.

Very Handy App!!!

I’m currently using this app for my wedding registry, but will have people refer to it after the wedding for birthdays and Christmas! The app is easy to use!

Great...need more store options

Love the app! Very easy to use. Only meh side to it is that when scanning an item at a store, it does not always find the item through the stores listed. More store options would help this. Add more discount oriented stores like Big Lots and Dollar Tree.


It was nice to physically go to Bed Bath and Beyond and to Target but being able to go to any website and add to the list from home is so nice and easy.

Awesome, but could be a little better

So I love having all of our registries in one place, but it would be even more awesome if you could add items straight from the app rather than having to go to the individual stores app or website.

Glitchy but useful

This app is okay. There are still plenty of glitches making it inconvenient to use, but not as inconvenient as making a wishlist by hand from all different stores. When the intended functions of the app fail, there’s always the screenshot method. All in all, this app is fulfilling a need that others aren’t even attempting to fulfill, so that’s good.

Absolutely LOVE IT♥️

Great app!


My mom is forever asking me what I want for my birthday/Christmas and I can never come up with anything so I started keeping a list, someone told me I should make a registry w links, at first I thought it made me sound like a greedy spoiled brat but then I realized my mom always wants to buy something I want/need and this will make it easier for her. Plus she can choose from the list and know I don’t expect her to purchase everything. It was a win win!

Best ever

This one is the best. I researched many of them.

So convenient and easy to use

This is so easy to use and convenient! Love it!

Easy Peasy!

Great app! Simple to use and very efficient.

Won’t open

As of today, 2/24/18, I cannot get MyRegistry app to open. I did install the latest software update today. Using an iPhone 6.

Can't open the app

I really want to use this for my wedding shower but every time I try to open the app the screen turns black! Please help resolve this problem!

Just a few features missing

This app has been great. We used it for our wedding and now for our baby shower. I would like to see an option where I can choose “any amount” for adding gift cards rather than choosing a dollar amount. For now, I just put $1. Also, an option to list items would be great as I have some things I would like to add but would like the guest to choose design, rather than feeling obligated to get the exact design I pick. Otherwise, will continue to use this for future registries!

Best gift list app I’ve found

Hands down the best gift list app I’ve found because you can list from any shopping website and it’s free. I do wish they’d let you have multiple wishlists under one account though. I have one for myself and one I use for both of my kids. I’d be nice if I could make one for each of my kids and several for myself for various reasons. Also, sometimes the images don’t work right. Anyway, still a great app.

Great registry

Super easy to add items from any store from my phone or computer


I love this website & the app! Every family member has their own page (including our dog) and all the grandparents can see what we are hoping to get for birthdays, christmas etc.

Awesome and easy to use

This app is the easiest thing I've ever used... simple easy and takes the stress out of gathering things you need for your bridal shower or whatever occasion you may be having.. definitely recommend

This app is awesome

This has made the experience of wedding registry so simple. My only complaint is the lack of connection with Bed, Bath, and beyond

Great app to consolidate your registry!

Easy to use and end-use friendly!

Great combination app

Love this app. Before I had found it I was shifting from 3 different registries!! It’s great to be able to combine them ALL into one solid spot.

Super simple

I was able to create a Christmas list for my girls and send it to family. I was able to link things that they are into or want.


Super easy and useful registry site. Great for those of us who can’t choose just one place!

This app is a joke!!

Our friends and family are so confused and so are we because even if the item was purchased its still available on the website. A cousin of mine even tried manually entering the items that were purchased but for some reason its still marked as available!! We ended up wd multiple duplicate items bcoz of this! And I also had the option to notify me on my mobile phone but I barely got alerted for any notifications. And when I also checked its a different number that was saved on the app which I dont know where came from. This also happened twice. I edited the number and days later went to check again, it had a different number that was saved. Its a joke!! Not helpful at all! Stick with ur baby store registries!!

Mobile app stinks - won’t add gifts

No matter how many different ways I try, the “add gift from website” option within the mobile app version won’t work. I get the spinning wheel of death and then the program freezes. I have heard great things about the desktop version but the only way I shop is from my phone. So disappointedly, I won’t be using this app nor recommending it to anyone.

Gift giving game changer

I've always struggled coordinating gifts for my kids Christmas gifts. Initially it was a free for all. My girls would give same List to everyone and we'd all pick without comparing and sometimes my kids would walk away with many multiples. This has allowed the type A in me to unclench. My girls give me a list on google docs and I upload onto registry that I allow all gift giving family members a code to access. They can see what's still available. In the note section I designate who each gift it for so two lists can exist on one registry. I only downgraded points because while it is user friendly it takes a minute to sort it out for some folks (my mom). Also, sometimes pictures wouldn't show. But otherwise perfect!

Easy way to register for gifts!

I wanted our registry on one page and this was perfect!

Very helpful

I always wanted to share my Christmas list with everyone but I didn’t know what people were getting me so once I got two of the same things for Christmas i decided to get organized

Easy to use

I’m a first time mom and was getting overwhelmed with the whole registry process (what stores, items...). A friend finally told me about this site/app and it’s been an easy to use experience. I don’t have to be overwhelmed with registering at different stores. All I do is find what I need/want vía website and/or a barcode and the MyRegistry app will give me the option to choose from what store and price I want the item to be. I can easily share this registry, add, change, delete items. I love that i can also give the option to have money donations for the baby. It may be bias to give it a 5 star when I haven’t used any other app but i don’t see the need for it!

This is incredible!

I used to make lists for Christmas or my birthday of what I wanted but, being a bit of a control freak, I had specific items I desired and had to include the size, color, where to get it, etc. I also didn’t want whoever got me the gift to pay too much so I would sometimes send links of where the item is available for the cheapest price, but it was hard to keep it all organized and share with everyone. Besides that, I had to do the awkward “Remember to communicate with everyone else!” spiel so I wouldn’t get doubles. I knew there were wedding and baby registries, but I never realized you could make one for any occasion AND put items from any store on it! This website/app is it, and it’s so easy to accurately add items to the list. You can also make lists within the registry to say who the gift is for or any other way you want to sort it. I will continue to use this for every occasion from now on. LOVE IT!!!

Would be nice if it worked.

Would really love to use this app, if only it would stop refreshing itself and kicking me backwards. Click to log in and I put in my email, and it kicks me back to the splash page, over and over again. It used to stop after awhile, but when I was on my list and chose one of my categories, it would refresh and kick my view back to All. Tedious. Please fix this.

All in one place!

Very easy to use. Makes it convenient to keep everything on one wishlist no matter where you can buy it. 👍

Simply the best!!!

This app/site is simply the best!!!

Love it!

Love this app, so easy to add items in the fly and from any device.



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